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I love boot
Wes loves boot
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26th-Jan-2009 06:45 am(no subject)
and I are going on a vacation. We are taking the train and going to Canada. There is this amazing and super cheep hotel that we are going to stay in. It's downtown has an indoor pool and a spa. I can noooottttt wait. I just have to find someone to watch the ferrets.
29th-Sep-2007 03:06 am(no subject)
I'm sure I've huggge d/ tole everyone tght love them in this rom by now,
12th-Aug-2007 10:47 am(no subject)
All i want in the world is a bonnet i grew from my own head.
30th-Nov-2006 07:03 pm(no subject)
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By the way betch

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15th-Nov-2006 07:23 pm(no subject)
OMG Dan Rad.
Tomorrow I will be vegetarian for one year!

It’s a bigger deal to me than when I graduated or Christmas or my birthday.
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